12 January 2021

Moroccan Birds and MaghrebOrnitho

Moroccan Birds Blog was launched in autumn 2010.

In March 2016, we created MaghrebOrnitho and redirected Moroccan Birds to the new blog.

Everything worked great until the redirects started not functioning as they should be. We suspect this was caused by the implementation of the HTTPS protocol in Blogger (by Google). From a security point of view, HTTPS is a very good thing. But this unfortunately messed-up with how redirects worked.

In late December 2020, we stopped the redirects. Instead of deleting 'Moroccan Birds', we decided to keep it as a complementary blog to MaghrebOrnitho (where the bulk of the content, including many posts from the old blog, is located).

Visit the new MaghrebOrnitho blog.

You can visit the homepage or search the new blog using the search bar below the photo.

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